That about sums it up.

Light bright

Photographer and artist Tomass makes some pretty arresting images using plastic bottles, forks, plastic wrap and more.  Check out his site here.

Color and sound

A few drops of paint.  A slow motion camera.  Amazingly cool.

Was fishing around the web

We really have to get one of these for the Machinery office.  Of course, we’ve been on the road a lot, so it might starve.  At least it’ll die in style.  Check out the bubble bowl at Psalt design.

Small is huge

Can’t get enough of these tiny cement sculptures put around town by Spanish artist Isaac Cordal.  His newest batch is called Cement Eclipses.  See the whole bunch here and be amazed.


Neato. And so true.  By Creative Collective.


Philip Govedare’s paintings are amazing.  Large landscapes.  Really beautiful.  Check out his whole gallery.