Disappearing face of NY

Great blog of awesome storefronts in NYC — going, going gone?  See ’em here.



Not really into Norah Jones, per se.  But this poster could change our minds.

Oreo creme cameos

Judith Klausner is sick.  Sick with amazingness, that is.  We see cookies.  She sees a canvas.  Check out the gallery.

Embroidery portrait

Get ready to get your mind seriously blown by Daniel Kornrumpf’s portraits done entirely with thread.

Yep, another chair

Chair and back scratcher all in one?

Title says it all.


The blog is called awesome people hanging out together and that’s what it is.  Lots of cool stuff to poke around.


Robert Montgomery makes haunting posters, billboards and signs.  Check him here.


Confusing and entertaining at the same time.  The best stuff usually is.

Fish bowled over

Gotta get one of these for the office.  From Allesandra Baldereschi.

Ooh, the pressure

When we’re stressed at work, words to live by.  By artist Adam Garcia.