Silos for good.

Spain promotes inclusion with these amazing silos with the Titanes project.  14 artists in all.  Check the all here.


Paper cuts

Ok, consider our minds at maZINEry blown away by the paper cut illustrations of Eiko Ojaka.  See more of his work here.

We love our chairs (and benches.)

Facebook is saying Machinery hasn’t posted anything to our followers in quite awhile.  (Sorry FB, we’ve been slammed!  Geez.)  Anyways … here’s a cool bench from designer/artist Matthew Strong.

Teeny amazing

Give Leipzig-based paper artist Anja Markiewicz a toothpick and she’ll make these insane miniature origami works of art.  Blowing our minds here.   Check out her gallery here.


Milan-based chef and artist Yujia Hu makes sushi in the form of miniature athletic footwear.   Check out more of his amazing edible art here. (h/t to boooom)

Embroidery toast

Digging this.


Ming Dynasty meets Budweiser?

Chinese artist Lei Xue, plays with time with these ceramic, hand-sculpted beer cans done up like Ming Dynasty vases.  You can see more of Xue’s work here, at the Martina Detterer Gallery.

Old School. New Look.

Might have to get one of these for the Machinery offices.   Check out more at Alva Skates.

Machinery turns 10. Opens time capsule buried since 2007.


To celebrate their 10th year in business, Machinery partners Ken Cills and Kristian Summerer retrieved a time capsule they buried when they first opened their doors in Philadelphia, back in 2007.

Among the contents was the CD Illunination by Norway death metal band Tristania, which Ken swore was going to be “bigger than the Beatles. I swear it.”

Also buried: a slice of tomato pie from their first client, Tony Roni’s Pizzaria.   Designer Corey Danks declared that, “though the crust was a bit stale, it was surprisingly good.”

Most notably included was the spare key to the men’s room, which the partners have been accusing each other of misplacing for a decade.   Harsh words were exchanged at the time.

machinery_timecapsule_illumination machinery_timecapsule_pizza