Machinery turns 10. Opens time capsule buried since 2007.


To celebrate their 10th year in business, Machinery partners Ken Cills and Kristian Summerer retrieved a time capsule they buried when they first opened their doors in Philadelphia, back in 2007.

Among the contents was the CD Illunination by Norway death metal band Tristania, which Ken swore was going to be “bigger than the Beatles. I swear it.”

Also buried: a slice of tomato pie from their first client, Tony Roni’s Pizzaria.   Designer Corey Danks declared that, “though the crust was a bit stale, it was surprisingly good.”

Most notably included was the spare key to the men’s room, which the partners have been accusing each other of misplacing for a decade.   Harsh words were exchanged at the time.

machinery_timecapsule_illumination machinery_timecapsule_pizza


One Comment on “Machinery turns 10. Opens time capsule buried since 2007.”

  1. Allison Abbott says:

    This is awesome guys! Congrats on 10 years!!!!

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