psychylustro-(hi-res)-Drama-Wall-complete2_credit-Steve-Weinik-for-the-City-of-Philadelphia-Mural-Arts-Program psychylustro-(hi-res)-View-from-the-Train3_credit-Steve-Weinik-for-the-City-of-Philadelphia-Mural-Arts-Program psychylustro-(hi-res)-Twin-Walls-complete6_credit-Steve-Weinik-for-the-City-of-Philadelphia-Mural-Arts-Program

Artist Katharina Grosse uses bold colors to shock viewers out of (or into?) their senses.   The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program had the good sense to let her loose on the Septa rail system.   Commuters get a burst of pink, green, etc on their way to work.   Jealous.  Learn more at her site here.   She has a ton of cool works to get lost in.


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